Inspire your next trip by the souvenirs you can bring back

Spring is the best time for a city break and we all know it. Whether you’re already planning a vacation or just thinking about it, we are here with some help. Everyone has their own way of choosing their next destination, but if it got a little harder to decide this time, we got you. We propose you take a look at different souvenirs you can bring back from each country in order to decide where to go next. We put together a list of European countries and their traditional bits so you can get inspired. Make sure you check out TripAdvisor for some more ideas on your trip and read along to find out what you can bring back from this next adventure.


If you decide to go to Italy this spring, you should already know your trip will be fun and delicious. Italy is a good destination for city breaks, as most of its cities can be seen in 2-3 days. But if you go to Italy and you want to bring back something authentic, you’ll be disappointed to find out you can’t carry a whole pizza in your luggage. What you can do instead is get some authentic ingredients and impress everyone with an Italian meal when you get home. This is a unique way in which you can bring back a culinary experience as a souvenir, and Italy has some ingredients that are way better there than anywhere else. We just hope you’re a good cook!


You are a true special one if you decide to go to Scotland for a city break. When it comes to that part of Europe, most people forget about Scotland and instead go for England or Ireland, but Scotland has some truly stunning places to visit. And because it’s a country with rich history and traditions, the best souvenirs to bring back are the ones that honor that culture. To see what we are talking about before your trip, you should take a look here: You will see a lot of the Celtic culture on your trip, so you can get acknowledged with it before you get there. What we showed you are just a few of the Scottish inspired souvenirs you can bring back, so you can imagine how it would actually be there.


This last country is underrated when it comes to European tourism, but if you are a nature, food or architecture lover, you’ll have a great time in Poland. And if that’s your next trip, prepare yourself for the common reaction “I didn’t expect Poland to be this nice”. So in order to convince everyone to go to Poland, we thought you should bring back something that they’re known for: vodka. The Poles have a great alcohol culture and they have lots of awards both in the beer section and in hard spirits. But something that everyone will love is their flavored vodka. Pick something that your friends will like and they will surely join you next time you visit Poland.

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