5 ways to reduce stress in less than 5 minutes

The stress , it knows me. For years, I was a victim stress, and every day was for me a real challenge, even in the middle of the holidays! Tickling in the belly, headache, tight throat … I went through all the list of possible symptoms to finally make the choice to change. Some best ways to reduce stress in less than 5 minutes. It does not happen overnight, but it is by adding a variety of tricks to my tool bag that I managed to regain the upper hand. Sometimes, small gestures are enough to manage everything on a daily basis.

So I share 5 tips that will help you reduce your stress … in less than 5 minutes! Yes, it’s true: only 5 minutes, just try!

The 5 ways to reduce stress in less than 5 minutes

1. Analyze an imageways to reduce stress

Get a nice looking picture with several small details, such as hanging near your desk. When stress appears, take 5 minutes to fix the image in question by taking the time to detail it extremely accurately. Count the flower petals, shade each color, focus on the patterns … It is the fast ways to reduce stress. It’s almost magical!

2. Guided relaxationways to reduce stress

Guided relaxations are available to accompany you in this need for relaxation. For example, I recommend the formula of Nicole Bordeleau, who offers an express meditation of about 6 minutes (oops, a minute too much, I apologize!). If you are comfortable in English, Gabrielle Bernstein also offers a range of small relaxations of 3 or 4 minutes only. You only have to save them in your phone to have them at hand as soon as you feel the need.

3. Breatheways to reduce stress

Ah! This is not a myth, breathing actually affects stress and its symptoms. By simply taking a few moments to breathe deeply, you will be able to calm down quickly. Retreat to a quiet place put a hand on your belly and take a deep breath through your nose, counting slowly to four. Then exhale through your mouth, always counting to the number four. Feel the air that enters your lungs, focus on the breath in your mouth … It is one of the fast ways to reduce stress.

4. Walk in full consciousness

Get out for 5 minutes top time. However, the exercise does not stop there: you will have to walk quietly paying attention to all the sensations that stimulate your senses, for example, the heaviness of your steps, the wind on your face, the fabric of your gloves on your hands, singing birds or small rocks on the sidewalk.

5. Visualizeways to reduce stress

Visualization is my favorite tool and can be used for all situations. In this case, you will most likely be able to lower your stress level by visualizing a place, real or imaginary, in which you feel totally well. The important thing is not necessarily to see images in your head, but especially to strive to feel the feelings of relaxation and well-being that this place gives you. I invite you to perform this visualization regularly, for 5 minutes, even in quiet moments. This will help the effects to be faster when you feel the need. It is the fast ways to reduce stress.

Above all, do not despair: it is really possible to overcome stress, by taking the time, by changing certain habits and with the right tools. Patience!

What are your tips for restoring your calm? Will you use these little tips to better manage your stress?

Jeffrey Wilson

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