How to Relieve Mental Stress Quickly

Mental stress and anxiety come during an exam, job interview, or stage event, etc. Then comes the thought that what if the test is bad? What would people think if the presentation was bad? What if I was sweating after hearing a question on a Viva board?

When we think about it, our anxiety levels double. Then, despite our good preparation, the task could not be completed correctly. Let’s see how to relieve mental stress.

How to relieve mental stress?

Tips Stress Relief

Take a deep breath and exhale

Co-author of the book, “The Mindfulness Workbook for OCD,” Tom Corbie says, take a deep breath and exhale first when you are anxious. Breathing in and out of the chest is a very powerful anxiety alleviation method. It accelerates the body’s relaxation process. So whenever you feel anxiety, breathe in your chest and exhale through your mouth.

Admit it that you are concerned

When we feel anxious, we cannot accept it. Not accepting it causes more stress in us, which only aggravates our anxiety. Tom Corbie says: When one can remind yourself that anxiety is just an emotional response then it is easier to accept and the anxiety diminishes. Medical psychologist Deiblar (author of the “Therapy That works” blog) says that anxiety is just one feeling, like all other emotions. So when you are anxious, simply accept that feeling without being overwhelmed.

Ask your thoughts

When people are anxious, they start to think strange things, most of which are unrealistic and may never happen again. Such thinking doubles human anxiety. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is this thinking realistic?
  • Does it really happen?
  • If something really happens bad, how do I handle it?
  • What do I do to handle the situation?

Thinking about the answers to these questions makes it easy to get out of anxiety.

Practice visualization

Kelly Heiland, a psychiatrist, recommends the following meditation to reduce anxiety. “Imagine yourself inside a riverbank or a favorite park or on a beach. Look at the leaves floating in the water of the river or the clouds in the sky. Focus on the sky and the leaves with your emotions, thoughts, and sensations and just keep watching them float. Look at the sky and the leaves floating away as any other thoughts actually move. When the anxiety will come, this meditation will help to calm your mind.

Speak positively

Various negative conversations continue in anxieties affected person. Then keep saying positive words to yourself. Medical psychologist Deilar says at the time, it can be said to myself that this anxiety is feeling bad but I can take different strategies to control it that can relieve me. It is important to keep in mind that thinking positively during anxiety can often lead to relaxation.

Emphasis on the present

Tom Corbie says that when people are concerned, they usually worry about something that might happen in the future. Instead of worrying like that, stop and take a breath and focus on what’s happening right now. It will help you improve your ability to handle the next situation. So focus on the present without worrying about the awkward unknown futurism.

Focus on meaningful work

When people are anxious, focusing on a meaningful task often reduces anxiety. Asking yourself at that time what he would do if he was not concerned, if he thought he would watch the movie, he would still go to the movie. If someone says go around, then go around. But if you have to worry about sitting down, it will not produce any positive results for you.

If someone has additional anxiety problems and if no one can control his or her anxiety, he or she will have to seek psychological care from an experienced psychiatrist or psychologist very quickly. Because anxiety is a normal thing in our lives, but when it is in extreme shape it is an indicator of mental illness.

Roger Walker

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