Five Common First Aid Emergencies, and why it is Important to Learn First Aid

Knowing how to react in an emergency situation is something that is useful for everyone to know, and one of these situations is a medical emergency. When you attend a large event, there will be event first aid cover provided from professionals like

But in daily life, these sorts of companies will not always be around, so learning how to respond yourself to a medical emergency is something which is important knowledge. Workplaces and schools will send staff on first aid courses to ensure that there is always someone there who can respond to these types of situations.

Here are a few common medical emergencies that can happen in daily life…

Burns – Something that commonly happens in the home are burns and scalds. Cooking in particular can often lead to burns, and children in particular can be at risk if they are in a kitchen when food is being cooked. Most burns are not serious, but it is important to know and recognise how to treat burns and if they need medical attention at a hospital.

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Choking – This is something that needs a quick response, and this is where first aid training really can save a life. Choking happens when something blocks the windpipe, stopping air getting into the lungs. The Heimlich manoeuvre is used in first aid to remove the blockage from the windpipe.

Broken Bones – There are many accidents that can lead to broken bones in daily life. From falling out of bed to tripping over. Broken bones need urgent medical attention and recognising a broken bone and knowing how to safely care for someone who has one is a basic part of first aid. Elderly people are particularly at risk when it comes to broken bones.

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Electric Shock – Unfortunately where there is electric there is the risk of electric shock. Add things like water, or unsupervised children into the mix and there is the possibility of an electric shock occurring, which can be deadly. First aid knowledge can help you to know what to do in the event of someone in your home having an electric shock.

Allergic Reactions – Allergies can be deadly as they can lead to anaphylactic shock, which can kill in severe cases. Being aware of how to treat allergic reactions quickly can save someone’s life.

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