Importance of time management in our total life

Nobody avoids the importance of time management. The Effective Management of Time is one of the key points on the road towards the search for effective management and an efficient company. When looking for an improvement in the execution of the processes, we have to take into account the saying “Time is money” that can be adapted as follows: effectiveness when carrying out an activity affects the benefits that are achieved with it.

In this article I will talk about the importance of proper time management for our daily work, as well as some consequences of poor management and I will provide some brief tips that can make your day more productive and efficient.

The importance of time management

Poor time management in our workday influences many more aspects than we might think at first. Let us think for a moment: when we have to carry out an activity, and we see that we do not have time to conclude it, the anger begins to grow towards everything and everyone.

Importance of time management


As time passes and we see the moment of delivery or end of the deadline approaches, irascibility reaches critical points, and our work capacity declines, having to make a great effort to conserve concentration.

When we finished the activity, we felt fatigue and a lack of concentration such that, in many cases, it prevents us from working on anything else throughout the day.

In this way, we have needed twice the usual time to carry out the work or activity, since we had to carry out the work and maintain a concentration in a forced and unnatural way. When the situation, previously mentioned, repeats and prolongs over time, anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction with the work performed appear.

Of these three symptoms, we are going to focus on stress, which is a tension or a series of pressures that can undermine work efficiency. This state is characterized by high levels of excitement and anguish, which leads to: the appearance of the feeling of not being able to face work; the lack of control over the work that is done; the establishment of adjusted delivery times; and, as a consequence, the realization of the work at high speed.

As noted, we will indicate that the symptoms of stress are tiredness, irritability, sleep dysfunctions, difficulty concentrating, nervousness and anxiety, among other things. All this situation already described, only contributes to the poor performance of the work and the creation of a bad work environment, which has a negative impact on the organization, both in its work and in its benefits.

The effects of poor time management

It is common that we devote more than 50% of this, to activities of little relevance that provide few benefits for the organization, while leaving the urgent part.

poor time management

The scenario described above is very common, and we may come to think that it is normal, but the truth is that it is a serious manifestation of effective time management. To know if we manage well the time we have, we have to think if at the time of planning the realization of an activity at work we have mentioned the following phrases: “I do not have time for anything”, “I will not have it on time”, “I do not know where I’m going to take time to do it,” “I’ll have to take work home for the weekend,” etc. If we have done so, we must consider improving our effective management of time since we are not taking advantage of our working hours.

Here we come to a problematic point since it is very common to think that the time invested in an activity is well spent and it tends to be relevant as urgent to perform a specific job when it is only a secondary activity.

Throughout the working day, it is common that we devote more than 50% of this, to activities of little relevance that provide few benefits for the organization, while leaving the urgent part. When we achieve a balance between dedication to urgent and non-urgent work, devoting to each of them the time they need, we work in a more rested and effective way, finishing our work in much less time and being of better quality. That is, greater productivity and a higher response speed are achieved.

Tips to manage time properly

To achieve efficient management of time, you can follow many tips or attitudes. The real knowledge of how to properly handle the time available to us focuses on the understanding of oneself. The way we have to work and our capabilities technical and psychological that is, ability to work under pressure, the speed of reaction to immediate adverse actions, etc.

manage time properly

To begin, I will indicate a series of tips with which you can establish the basis for proper time management:

We must always bear in mind the maxim: the importance does not lie in the amount of time we have, but in the quality with which it is used. As already indicated, the number of hours dedicated to a task is not directly proportional to the final quality of the same. To be clear, the excess of effort ends up causing errors and loss of concentration due to fatigue and stress and, therefore, worse results.

The lowest moment of our performance capacity is at the beginning of the working day. As the day progresses, performance is also increasing. It is interesting to take into account the moments of most excellent performance in the execution of the work to plan the day.

You should try to do the most difficult jobs at those times of greater performance to take better advantage of the high degree of concentration. In the moments of the day, the energy and attention levels are higher must also be taken into account.

work in schedule

All the work to be done must be scheduled

It is recommended to establish the routine of dedicating the last minutes of each day to plan the activities that will be carried out the next day. However, not only is it necessary to establish a series of guidelines so that our work is more efficient and our time is more productive, but we also have to identify the main causes of the loss of time in order to know where we have to influence our strength, experience and work to correct these harmful trends.

Kendrick Brown

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