Benefits of positive thinking-What you think and how you think it has a much more fundamental role than you imagine. Moreover, a positive or a negative thinking affects different areas of your life in a very different way. And we do not refer only to relational situations, your relationship with your partner, friends or family. Or even just work situations. We mean that one way of thinking or another can even affect your health. That’s why benefits of positive thinking is of vital importance in your life. Let’s see how it affects your actions, in your day to day.

Let’s put aside the isolated bad days, that rainy day with traffic in which it takes you to get home 2 hours. Or that boss’s quarrel that made you stay with a bad taste in your mouth all afternoon. Or a couple discussion. They are isolated facts, and in each of them we have the right. As it were, to get angry, to feel bad, to be sad. For a limited time and usually short, that of course.

Benefits of positive thinking importance

best benefits of positive thinking

What you think constantly , in the long term, in a sustained manner. It is the really important thing and with a direct effect on your attitude and your way of facing the day to day. How we process our environment and how we put an end to possible negative thoughts is what makes the difference.

Of course, do not confuse positive thinking with “think about butterflies” or “how wonderful is the world and people, live love.” No. That’s not healthy either. Benefits of Positive thinking does not mean you do not have problems. Or that you are going to stop having them. What will give you a positive thought is the possibility of getting out of those problems with greater ease.

And with greater learning and enrichment. The optimistic person increases his IQ by up to 3 points, compared to a pessimist and is perceived by others as a person who knows how to manage adversity. And we will agree that this is very important in private life, in relationships and in organizations.

If you take care of your body … Take care of your mind

the benefits of positive thinking

That the mind is directly related to physical health is something beyond doubt. If you play sports, it can even affect your performance.

But let’s not forget its relationship with the state of mind and its direct relationship with one’s health. That’s why the importance of working your mind, what and how you think. So that small changes in the way of thinking are reflected in your way of acting. And this results in a different life, quiet, happy and healthy.

How does a negative thought affect your actions?

discover benefits of positive thinking

To make it simple, let’s give an example of a recent assistant to one of our courses on Fear Management, Motivation and Leadership . It’s simple, but very revealing.

It was a young boy, not even thirty. He was working after completing a degree and a master’s degree. He was a healthy boy, intelligent, nice, handsome, generous, kind, supportive. Of all that you realized almost instantly. However, he did not look like this. He had been in an almost depressed state for some time. Everything around him was black.

We invited him to verbalize everything he thought of himself and his surroundings from the moment he got up until he went to sleep. And here is the problem. Throughout the day, he did not have a single positive thought about himself. Every phrase that passed through his mind was a negative thought .

“In the morning I go to the gym, it’s always full of mirrors. As much as I play sports, every time I look at one of them I look bad, I look fat, it does not help what I do. Then I set course for work. And that is unbearable. I have a boss that I know that when he says “good morning” it really means “I’ve been here for an hour and you look at what time you arrive, lazy”. My colleagues are not different. I know that behind each of their comments there is a double meaning, a hint.

And I imagine they speak badly of me behind their backs. It’s been a while since I stopped drinking coffee with them, what if all they do is laugh at me. When leaving work I always have to eat a traffic jam. The cars always whistle me and I have to put up with the car full of rage for more than an hour to make a road without cars in 15 minutes. And then I get home, My mother calls me and we always end up arguing because I do not feel like talking to her. Dinner, I’m going to bed. And back to start.

Revelation, right? Can you even think that by reading this you have felt something reflected? Do not worry, it has happened to us and it happens to us all.

This boy suffered from some social anxiety, fear of what they will say, fear that no one would love him. Or accept him. A greeting from a boss interpreted it as an attack, an invitation to a coffee from a partner as an opportunity to laugh at him, a concern of his mother as a criticism of his way of life. He interpreted every comment that was made in a negative way. And possibly incorrect.

During almost the 18 hours that he was awake, the negative thoughts and the erroneous interpretations took to him to develop emotions and negative , erroneous feelings … And absolutely insane.

Little by little, session after session, he learned to identify, manage. And deactivate fears and negative thoughts, and transform them into more positive ones. This brought about an improvement of his emotions, of feelings, of attitude, of actions. His life improved at work, with his family, he even had positive physical effects.

The beginning of the whole strategy to achieve this change was relatively simple: he had to try to divide himself in two, to “create” another “me” with which to speak. Or to imagine two different zones in his mind, one to list what negative and other positive.

Each time a negative thought passed through his mind. He would try to identify it immediately and list it on one of the two sides; Right after, transform that negative thought into its antonym, into benefits of positive thinking. Which will go to the other side.

An example: when a co-worker said “uncle, yesterday I did not see you when we went to take some canes” and the thought that came to his head outside the guy “thinks I’m a boring. A bland and an asocial” quickly transform it into a “look, I missed it and I wanted it to be”.

Now he is a much happier, calmer boy and has just finished an Iron Man, something like a super physical event where they swim 3.86 km, run a bike 180 km and finish running 42 km. Almost nothing…

Roger Walker

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