Main methods of relaxation

The stress that characterizes our society, is getting that, more and more people feel that their lives reach a limit. The cases of diseases, both physical and psychological, are the order of the day. We share the methods of relaxation.

The cult of speed is our great obsession. We go quickly by habit, without realizing that we do it. We do not even imagine that there is the possibility of doing things at a slower pace. The fact of going more slowly, for some people, can be a great challenge.

However, many people are realizing that what we do is not living. We are violating our internal rhythms that are intimately connected with the rhythms of nature. We do not sleep as necessary and often we do not even have time to sit down to eat quietly.

The main methods of relaxation

Reduce your speedmethods of relaxation

As much as we have become accustomed, there is a call within us to return to good sense. In some people, that call has already become conscious and they have realized that it is necessary to reduce their speed. Other people, however, are still controlled by their continuous careers and no matter how hard their body tries to send signals that they can not do it anymore, they stuff themselves with stimulants and keep pulling the car, whatever the cost. If you are one of the people who has realized that you need to make a break in your life, the following relaxation techniques will help you to live a more centered and fulfilled life.

There are several relaxation and meditation systems, they all get calm both the body and the mind. From the following techniques, choose the one or those that most resonate with you. You can combine them as you wish, although you can also choose one on each occasion.

Breathing exercisesmethods of relaxation

When we go through situations of a lot of stress, we usually breathe superficially without realizing it. This causes less oxygen to reach the brain and we enter a vicious circle, feeling increasingly anxious. For this reason, breathing deeply and consciously restores our sense of peace, almost automatically. It is the important methods of relaxation.

These simple exercises can be practiced anywhere: Take a deep breath through the nose trying to bring air to your abdomen.

Keep the air inside you for 6 or 7 seconds.

Now, go releasing the air counting again until 7. Repeating this sequence two or three times, several times a day, you will notice how, little by little, all your muscles begin to loosen and that your mind feels clearer and less agitated.

Muscle relaxationmethods of relaxation

This relaxation technique is for when you have a little more time. With fifteen minutes a day is enough. It involves tensing all the muscles to then relax them again.

Lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet place. The stage you choose, if you want you can put some relaxing music.

Carry out the respiratory sequences mentioned above.

Start tensing the muscles in your right arm. When you feel completely tense, count to ten. Relax now and observe the sensation.

repeat this exercise with the other arm, with one leg first and then the other. It also strains the chest, buttocks, stomach, back, and face. This technique will make you know a little bit more sense by practicing it often, it will be easy for you to know when you are tense and when you are not. That way, as soon as you notice the first symptoms of tension, you can start with relaxation. It is ideal for people who have trouble sleeping. It is another one of the important methods of relaxation.


This technique is more suitable for people who have easy to visualize: Make sure you will not be interrupted before you start.

Choose a quiet place with soft light and, if possible, with relaxing music. You can lie down or be seated.

Close your eyes and do the breathing exercises indicated above.

Imagine a natural landscape, with a blue sky. Become aware of the sensations you experience. The sun on your skin, the sound of birds.

Visualize also a cascade of crystalline water. Listen to the sound of water. Imagine, even that you immerse yourself in it and become aware of the sensation.

Fill your mind with all the sensations that this wonderful place causes you. You can get to lie on the grass and enjoy the peace that the moment offers you.

Stay in this state as long as you want.

Little by little, even in the landscape, go up and start stretching. Do not open your eyes Still

with the stretches, go making yourself aware of the music you hear in your room and slowly open your eyes.

Without hurry, go let ordinary consciousness go back to you.

Meditationmethods of relaxation

There are many meditation techniques. On this occasion, we will see a very simple type of meditation, we could say that “suitable for all audiences”: Also this time we will look for a quiet and silent place. Ideally, you should stay seated so you do not fall asleep, you can choose a comfortable chair or a chair

Repeat a few times the breathing exercises we have detailed above.

Be alert waiting to receive the first thought that passes through your mind. Become the witness of your mind. You will realize that the first thought is made to wait a little bit. Keep waiting, do not worry. It is the important methods of relaxation.

When it appears, watch it, let it go, you no hitches. And again, it is waiting for the next one.

If you manage not to engage in any thought, you will notice that each time the frequency is lower. Each time the thoughts will become more distant, giving rise to spaces of silence, each time greater.

Enjoy those spaces of peace and silence. When meditation is practiced habitually, a total absence of thoughts can be achieved. However, even if you only get small moments of silence, the achievement will also be important, since the success of meditation has to do with being able to become the observer of your mind and that you have already achieved.

Any of these relaxation techniques They have the power to take you to a place in your mind where there is no stress, where there is only calm and silence, away from the worries of each day. If you are able to acquire the habit of practicing them once a day, you will be able to observe the multitude of benefits that they have both physically and mentally.

Jeffrey Wilson

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