They all have their own furry little personalities

Human beings aren’t the only creatures on the planet that have unique personalities. Most animals included those domesticated ones that we welcome into our homes and our families also have their own personalities.

Cats in particular have their own little mannerisms and no two are the same. As a little aside if you are a big cat fan then take a look at the beautiful Cat Lap trays that you can find at

Anyway, back to cat personalities.

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Different breeds of cat display different basic personalities and these tend to remain constant across the breed. Although this can only really be said to pure breed animals. When looking for a cat as a pet you will find that some breeds are better with children and others keep their kitten like qualities for longer than others. It is important to take all of these aspects into consideration when looking for your perfect feline friend.

When looking at your average cat that is probably the result of a number of different breeds the environment in which they are brought up and live in is the one key factor in determining their personality. Any cat owner will know that the one thing that cats hate the most is change. This can be anything from a new item of furniture to the changing moods in a household. Cats prefer to be in an environment when the mood remains generally the same whether this is harmonious and quiet or loud and vibrant, they don’t really care as long as the move between moods isn’t too drastic on any given day. This is why your cat will often hide if voices are raised in a household that is normally quiet or a relative brings around a baby that cries when they are used to your quieter, laughing older children.

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The other key factor in a cats personality in terms of their environment is the cleanliness of areas such as their litter tray and the areas in which they eat their food and drink. Cats are incredible fussy when it comes to smells and will not tolerate a smelly uncleaned litter tray or food that has been left in a bowl for most of the day and has not gone hard and smelly. A cat will react to this by become either withdrawn or aggressive and in extreme circumstances may even become ill as a result.

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