Why is Trust in a Friendship Important?

Confidence is not demanded, it is gained through affinities, behaviours, words and a long etc. that when you deposit it in another person, it becomes your friend. With him, you share joys, sorrows and receive his support in bad times. Friendship must be based on a relationship of respect, trust and confidentiality. Trust in a friendship develops in different ways, costing most of the time to earn it.

Why is trust in a friendship important?

If one day you discover that the trust you place in the friend does not deserve it because it has failed in one of the bases, it causes a double disappointment. Losing a friend is usually very painful and can occur in a minute.

As the term itself indicates so that two people can return to that point of closeness. They must have been there before. Here, we give you ten tips to regain trust in a friendship.

Why is trust in a friendship important

1. Humility

A relationship of friendship can be stronger from humility. Thus, when we focus on a reason why a friend has disappointed us, humility helps us remember that we have also made other mistakes at another time.

2. Acceptance

Acceptance of friendship is important. As happens in a relationship when two lovers realize at some point that the image that each one had of the other was idealized, in the plane of friendship, it can also happen that overcoming a disappointment is the opportunity to evolve in this link from realism.

3. Take care of friendship

Time is limited and does not stop its rhythm. Your days are not endless. However, when a friendship is important to you, you deserve to give yourself the gift of caring for that bond. This care is positive in joy, but also a period of vulnerability like this.

4. Dialogue

It is not about forgetting what has happened. This disappointment will be part of the memory of a friendship that does not have a single point of view. Dialogue, patience, listening and acceptance are ingredients that create a favourable context for the reunion. But that does not mean that a disappointment is overcome in a single conversation.

Trust is built and created little by little. Therefore, instead of being stuck in what has happened, you can continue creating new moments in this friendship in collaboration with your friend.

5. Time

Although time can help you to have a new perspective of a disappointment past seen from the future, the recovery of trust does not only depend on the passage of time. The really important thing is that friends get involved in this goal without letting the days go by as if nothing had happened.

In turn, this experience and this temporal evolution can also make the protagonist, at a certain moment, conclude that he does not want to continue feeding this friendship. The decision, beyond the possible advice and points of view that other people give you, is up to you.

6. An error is not synonymous with a bad intention

Sometimes, disappointment is based more on the interpretation that the person affected by this situation makes of what has conditioned him. For example, an error does not have to be about a bad intention on the part of the subject. Someone could be wrong without intending to hurt you.

7. This friendship evolves from the present

If you continually compare this moment with that time before this disappointment, you are not allowing yourself to live this new stage fully. Try to live more connected to the news of this new time period.

A friendship lives more in the past than in the present feeds on nostalgia. It leads to the conclusion that all past time was better. Instead, true friendship is one in which friends have strengthened their bond after experiencing the taste of disappointment.

8. Identify your priority

Would you rather prove that you are right or evolve with this friendship? Perhaps, depending on what happened, it is possible that the situation was not so relevant as to not be able to overcome these differences. The friends also become disillusioned and disappointed.

9. Friendship phrases

One of the phrases of love and friendship is that of Carl Rogers: “Acceptance of oneself is the first step to a genuine acceptance of others.” A reflection message can also bring light to a possible situation of disappointment.

10. Look at the potential of this friendship

You are capable of the best. You have qualities for it. And your friend too. The human being has very valuable qualities that are the essence of humanism. When you look at the fact that this feeling caused you, try to remember other beautiful moments of friendship as well.

Observe the potential of this friendship that can evolve. But for that to happen, you both must agree. Have you ever experienced a disappointment that cost you to overcome? It is not a simple process. However, it is worth turning the page when the other person is important to you.

Tips not to lose a friend

Why is trust in a friendship important

Regain friendship is usually a complicated process, and sometimes it does not recover.

If you want to trust a friend again, you have to keep in mind that it is a process that requires commitment and effort on the part of those who committed disloyalty. Repentance must be shown so that the other person can trust friendship again.

If friendship is regained, the relationship in most cases is no longer felt with the same strength and also depends on the motive and intensity that caused the betrayal.

In order not to lose a friend, it is very important that there is a dialogue on both sides, making clear the circumstances that caused it and the pain it caused.

There are cases that if the relationship is truly valuable and there is a desire for reconciliation on both sides. Trust in a friendship can be restored and return to lost harmony, even strengthening for the experience lived. Sometimes distancing occurs due to misunderstandings and false accusations.

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