Discover the basic needs of your creative soul

Creative soul– Creativity is the tendency of the human being to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that can be useful in many facets. Such as problem solving practice what we have imagined,  listening to the intuitive guidance that our creative soul sets us.

Everyone, in our own way, was born with this gift. That is, we are all creative. However, many resist them and do not find a way to give wings to their creativity. Or explore their own possibilities. This is because people usually focus on the action aspect of creativity. Because it is the most results-oriented and, therefore, the most tangible.

Creativity, seen from the point of view of action. The final result, allows us to show our work and receive information from the outside world . This information helps us to validate and influence the way we see our own creations. This, in a certain way, allows us to measure our self-esteem .

That is to say, if our creative expressions do not stand out over others or are not validated by the environment our self-esteem can fall. And we feel that we are not creative, even that we are not worth for that. But, this is a mistake.

Many times we forget that the basic needs of our creative soul are what drive our curiosity and unleash our passion. Which is what encourages us to act . It is the basic needs of our creative soul that guide us to move towards what makes us happy and make us feel that we are creating something of value, independently of valuations or external validations.

There would be no creativity without the curiosity that moves us. And that makes us patiently impatient with the world we did not do, which we increase with something we do.

Definition of creative soul

your creative soul

The concept of creativity is different according to the context in which it is found. And does not have a single meaning. Since the human activity implicit in it can be varied. This does not mean that any situation can be called creative. There are certain limits for the use of the word. But those same borders are vague; the limits, indeterminate. Which does not imply that we can not recognize that these limits exist.

To define the concept of creativity it is necessary to know its etymological root. The word creative comes from the Latin “create”, which is related to “creeker”, which means to grow; therefore the word creativity means “to create from nothing”. Within the different areas and according to various authors we can find different. And varied definitions about creativity according to the different approaches. Some publications talk about 400 different terms of creativity. Some terms are ambiguous and confusing. What is clear is that creativity would be more than a necessary condition in current conditions of life. And that otherwise has always been necessary since it forces man to modify it. So that it is more adaptable to its environment and can make better profits

Basic needs of the creative soul

basic needs of your creative soul

The core of our creative soul needs to be nurtured so that creativity flows . But in the  creative process  we sometimes forget what we really need to be and feel creative and creative, what ignites the creative spark within us.

Connecting with our creative soul and discovering what really inspires us, fascinates us or awakens our curiosity is what really helps us find solutions or create new things. The solution to maintain a fresh creativity is to look inside ourselves.

As human beings, we all have fundamental basic needs that involuntarily influence our decision making or our daily routines, as well as our creativity. These basic human needs, which are the same in all human beings, offer us a way to relate to others.

However,   the creative soul of each one of us is different . Our experiences, desires, fears and dreams influence what creativity means for us and also in the way in which others value our efforts, which affects the perception of our self-esteem.

Ask yourself what you really need to be more creative

best creative soul

The simple fact of connecting with your creative soul is what helps you to create naturally routines that help you to free your creativity. But for this you have to start by asking yourself what it is that your creative soul really needs to release all those chains that keep it trapped and subdued.

Dare to free of pressures, impositions and external dictates to your creative soul , to think for yourself and to listen to what you really want, what really motivates you. Making decisions and executing solutions based on limitations and conventions imposed by others is not always easy, nor much less satisfactory.

Your creative soul can have many needs, such as time in solitude, freedom to express oneself, absence of worries or interruptions or passion for what is done. But these are just examples. Each one must explore their own needs and locate what limits them and, from there, take the necessary measures to satisfy those needs.

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